Grade One Listed Stately Home

Roof areas treated to a Silka Liquid membrane with a 20 year guarantee and the total refurbishment of two stairwell lanterns.

Stairwell Lantern
House Roof Repair

College, Nottinghamshire

The installation of skylights and tapered insulation to prevent standing water which was creating a huge stress on the roof structure, then topped with a Silka Liquid Membrane.

Failed Waterproofing System on a Roof
Liquid Membrane

Flats, Midlands

Removal of failed waterproofing system and the installation of 130mm insulation and a 25 year liquid membrane.

Flat Roof Repairs
Flat Roof Liquid Membrane

Royal Mail Delivery Office

A previously coated and leaking asbestos cement sheet roof which was specialist cleaned, skylights repaired where necessary and then all joints and bolt heads reinforced with fibreglass matt. Fully coated with a Tor Elastaseal liquid Membrane.

Asbestos Roofing
Tor Elastaseal Liquid Membrane